marți, 25 ianuarie 2011

PC Mad; Outta Balance

I wrote a long blog today about political correctness and how making generalisations is a dangerous and stupid thing.

I was going to tie it into smoking. Eating bad foods; eating too much. And how one is vilified while another is ignored. But I can't be bothered to write it out beautifully.

To my mind - if God made it - it's safe to eat in moderation.
Take margarine, for example. It's an ion away from being plastic. Yet, it's touted as the healthy alternative to butter. We are only beginning to see the effects of processed and modified foods. It's not looking good. Butter is not unhealthy when taken in moderation, yet butter is getting a bad rap. I go crazy when I hear silly arguments or hear someone regurgitating silly sound bytes without having really probed the efficacy of said sound byte.

Don't whine that smokers drain the health care system whilst ignoring the fastest growing drain on the health care by obesity and other self indulgent practises.

People must retain choice. People must be considerate of others at the same time.

Lastly, not everyone reacts the same way to substances put into their bodies. In other words, those stupid shock warnings found on cigarette packets that say things like 'smoking kills' should read 'smoking can kill people who are particularly susceptible.' That's just one example - but all warnings should have that appendage because it's individual susceptibility that determines whether or not one develops lung cancer, or miscarries a baby or develops emphysema...

Bottom line:
Clean up your own garden before telling someone else how to tend theirs. And stop trying to legislate things like smoking...........and morality. Allowing this to happen is tantamount to giving up all right to choose.

Plus, your fat, perverted arse will be in the hot seat once you've totally vilified smokers and society moves onto its next target.