marți, 25 ianuarie 2011

Life Just Rains it Down on Ya Sometimes

Well. It's been a spell.
And a bit.

Life's brought many twists and turns since my last entry. 4 beloved people + my dearly beloved cat died all in the span of a few weeks. Haven't felt much like blogging since.

I have gone through just about every emotion in the last two months. At the moment I'm pulling out of feeling empty and hollow.
But the memory of each person still lingers......
All the things I wanted to say, express, share.....
Time just wasn't on our side.

Life is a strange arrangement; you never know what it's going to throw your way.

The bottom line is love. Throw in some humour and hopefully the zest for life keeps afloat amongst laughter and living.

I'm definitely telling my loved ones just how much I love them at each parting.
If I lose them or they lose me - I'll have no regrets.

On a more cheerful (shocking - to me, that is - erm, or was) note:

Having read
Dooce's latest blog of 9 Aug 2005 - well, I hafta say I was picking my chin up off the floor. I followed the link in her blog to Maggie's. Had a good belly laugh reading about their escapades in San Francisco. But of course, I had to click on the link in Maggie's blog. To a shop. Offering all sortsa - 'toys'.




Heather you are not (or weren't) the only vibra virgin left on the planet. 
I mighta had rug burns on my chin if I'd been dragged into that shop. 

After some seriously educational browsing, I'm seriously considering a g1vibe. Seems it comes with a free gift and free delivery - in discreet packaging.

What the hell; you only live once. Might as well live it to the fullest.